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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interlocked Tetrahedrons

This one's got 30 modules.

Designed and Diagrammed by Thomas Hull.

There's more to this than you see in the thumbnail

I've never had any posters on my walls this year. The discussion in Origami Tessellations group inspired me to decorate my walls with what I made.
Also, each of them are made with the equal sized papers(60cm square).
Shruiken Symphony is 40x40cm
Basket weave is 50x50cm
The Water bomb tess 40x30cm (with the frame)
Each of them made and framed by me. Covered in polythene, backed with thermocol, they are waterproof and dust-proof.

Available for sale here:

Shuriken Symphony

Shuriken Symphony
Originally uploaded by Bharath Kishore
Involves a double square twist.
Started with a 64x64 grid on a 60cm square of printer paper.

Basket weave 2.0

Basket weave 2.0
Originally uploaded by Bharath Kishore
I've been experimenting :D This is the next level of basket weave - 2 strings crossing each other instead of one.
I'm not sure if anyone attempted it before. This consumes a hell LOT of paper!! I've started with a 90cm square and ended up with a tess around 20cm square.

The waterbombs - Modified

Single sheet of paper, no cuts - only folding.

Field of waterbombs

Field of waterbombs
Originally uploaded by Bharath Kishore
The water bomb Tessellation.
Got bored in the hostel these days and started folding tessellations out of large grids.
This one's from 64x64 grid. 90cm square of printer paper.

Origami for a hairstyle ?!

That's ma sis posing with the origami cranes I made...
The idea happened to arise when a crane accidentally fell on her head. Then I made more.
And yes, she was aware that she's posing for the pic ;)